Network Services

Network Services

Professional Home & Office Networks

Installation & Remote Management

Take full advantage of your Internet and device network speeds. Your ISP-Provided modem alone simply isn't enough. A proper & professional network system is made up of dedicated and managed routers and switches. Let LCN Tech show you how.

Home & Office Network Hardware & Remote Management Services

Today's high-speed devices require a fast and secure network. While and ISP provided modems and discount switches are fine for basic tasks, there are solutions available that much better, provide faster throughput and most importantly, enterprise-level security.

LCNTech provides support for modern network hardware such as products provided by Ubiquity. We will upgrade and configure your existing network and firewall to give you blazing performance and lowest possible latency, and even show you how to can manage it all remotely too.

Did you know? Scalability for your network should be understood by the number of Ethernet ports your switch(es) have, AND by the top speeds likely to be offered by your Internet Service Provider. You want your open Ethernet ports to outnumber the endpoints desired on a small business network, and you want hardware that will let you take full advantage of tomorrow's fastest Internet. Make sure you plan ahead to the extent of your product life cycle. Good news! Fast Switches and Routers are not as expensive as they used to be.