LCNTech Programming Services: The Future of Your Business Starts Here

Revolutionary Programming Services

Unlock your business potential with LCNTech. Your vision transformed into high-performing software solutions.

Your imagination, our creation

  • User-friendly and responsive websites
  • Powerful web and mobile applications
  • Interactive video chat apps
  • Efficient accounting and payment processing solutions

Transforming Ideas into Robust Applications

Your concept becomes a reality at LCNTech. We specialize in delivering robust web applications, immersive video chat and streaming solutions, seamless payment processing and accounting systems, and much more.

At LCN Tech, our diverse team of skilled programmers and developers works tirelessly to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like WebRTC, Angular, and NodeJS, we create solutions ranging from small scripts to expansive enterprise-level applications, all while ensuring timely delivery within your budget.

Our development process begins with an in-depth understanding of your requirements, followed by extensive research to formulate an optimal strategy tailored to your needs. Our technical team then sets the ball rolling, deploying the most suited technologies to build your application. We maintain transparency with regular milestone deliveries and demos throughout the development process. Rigorous testing is performed during final delivery and installation, ensuring your application performs impeccably.

We are proficient in a broad spectrum of technologies, including but not limited to: JavaScript, Scala, Elm, Python, Java, C++, Swift, Go, SQL, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, HTML5 & CSS3, NodeJS, WebRTC, PHP, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Laralvel,, MVC, and Web API, Angular and Angular JS, Bootstrap and Responsive Design, Rust.

Your Journey with Us

We craft each project with care and precision, ensuring you're involved at every step:

  • Discovery

    Our journey begins by understanding your vision and requirements. We collaborate and refine the idea with you, aiming to enhance your initial concept.

  • Estimate and Schedule

    We provide a comprehensive proposal outlining cost, project milestones, and a guaranteed delivery date. You'll know what to expect and when.

  • Design

    We design a wireframe, visualizing the workflow, the intended results, and identifying any dependencies required.

  • Quote and Milestones

    We present a detailed quote, estimated completion date, and a milestone schedule. Our payment schedule is transparent and aligned with project milestones and delivery dates.

  • Initiation

    Upon your approval, our developers begin coding, turning your dream into reality.

  • Hosting

    If needed, we set up an online server for hosting the project and share these configurations for your convenience.

  • Testing

    We ensure the robustness of our code by conducting thorough tests at each milestone. We incorporate your feedback and provide beta versions where applicable.

  • Deployment

    Upon completion, we deploy the application(s) and any associated software on a live server for final testing.

  • Delivery

    After successful testing, we install the final project, marking the completion of development.

  • Follow-up

    We believe in building relationships. After project delivery, we'll follow up to ensure everything is running smoothly. We guarantee our work for a full year, including third-party software, libraries, dependencies, or other hosting environment updates.