LCNTech Programming Services

Programming Services

Genius Programmers for hire! Let LCNTech build your next application or website

You dream it, we'll build it

  • Responsive Websites
  • Web & Mobile applications
  • Video Chat Apps
  • Accounting & Payment Processing

Programming Services

You tell us your requirements, and we turn it into a fully operational application. Our specialities include web-based applications, video chat and video streaming solutions, payment processing and accounting, and much more

LCN Tech is made up of teams of programers and developers who build solutions based on Modern Technology such as WebRTC, Angular and NodeJS. From small scripts to enterprise-level applications, Team LCN will deliver on-time, and on-budget, guaranteed.

When building your application, we start with a basic design based on your requirements. We conduct thorough research and suggest comprehensive solutions according to your needs. Our technical team then begins development on the application using the latest and best technologies suited for the task, and provides milestone deliveries and demos along the way. Everything is tested several times during final delivery and installation to make sure your application performers exactly as you need it to.

Languages supported include: JavaScript, Scala, Elm, Python, Java, C++, Swift, Go, SQL, Ruby & Ruby on Rails, HTML5 & CSS3, NodeJS, WebRTC, PHP, Codeigniter, CakePHP,, MVC, and Web API, Angular and Angular JS, Bootstrap and Responsive Design, Rust.

How we do it

Each project is individually planned, prepared and executed using the following steps:

  • Discovery

    We listen to your needs & requirements and can even provide suggestions that improve on your ideas .

  • Provide Cost estimates and ETA

    We prepare a detailed technical proposal and estimation. Each estimate includes not only the cost of the project, but milestone demonstration dates and guaranteed delivery date.

  • Design

    We put together the basic wireframe of the project. How it should work, what results it is intended to produce, and what dependancies are required to make it all work.

  • Quote, payments & milestones

    We provide a detailed quote, estimated delivery date and milestone schedule that includes deposit and payment schedule that aligns with your project and delivery dates.

  • Getting to work

    Upon approval, The LCNTech developers get to work creating the actual code for your project.

  • Hosting

    Where necessary, we will configure an online server for hosting of the project for you, and share this configuraiton should you choose to host it on your own servers.

  • Testing

    All parts of the code are tested and presented to you during each milestone. Requested changes are applied. Beta test version are made available where applicable.

  • Deployment

    Once complete, the Application(s) and any other integrating software are then deployed on a live server for final testing.

  • Delivery

    The final project is then delivered and installed.

  • Follow-up

    We will check-in with you to make sure everything is working perfectly. We guarantee our work for 1 full year, even against 3rd party software, libraries, dependancies or other hosting environment updates.