Technical Support Services

Technical Support services

Hire LCNTech for your short-term or long-term technical support needs

LCN Tech can provide a variety of technical support services for any size business. From Home Workers to Enterprise-level business. LCN's technical support services are packaged for simplicity and most importantly, response

Support Services

Let LCN Provide IT and support services to you or your business.

We will take the time to first understand your existing envorinment: The type of computers and devices you have, your software and operating systems, and especially how you need for everything to work. Then any time you call us for a question or problem, your file will be instantly on our screen, and a technical support specialist dedicated to your account will be able to quickly assist you. No waiting.

Almost all issues can be resolved remotely. We will login to your computer, network or server and diagnose most issues while you wait. On-site services are available in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Remote Services available include:

  • Basic Support
    • Apple Macs (all models), All versions of AppleOS
    • PC's running Windows 7,8, 10, 11 and Windows Server
    • Home & Office Networking
    • Data Migration / Office to Cloud migration

    Internet Support
    • Internet speed connectivity issues
    • Security
    • Servers & Hosting
    • Email delivery problems
    • Support for Cloud services including AWS and Azure
    • Wifi Installation / Heatmaps / Connectivity issues
    • Network remote monitoring

  • Website Support
    Bug Fixes. HTML/CSS3 and Javascript support. Image correction. Edits and Modifications. Expansion or rewites. Bug Fixes. Modernization. Short or long-term Website management services. Search Engine optimization and indexing. Google Search results and Google Analytics.

  • Home / Office work hybrid / Telepresence Support
    Are you new to working from home but need a helping hand with your home office setup? Or are you an employer and need assistance connecting your employees to your network and data?

    We will help you to solve any issues for home users and telepresence. Besides Windows 10 and Apple OS/X support, we can help with connection issues to office networks, videochat and teleconferencing, securing your home network or getting the most out of your Internet connection.

  • Data Migration Services
    We offer data migration solutions that give you the ability to transfer your data from your on-premise servers to the cloud, or to dedicated servers. Online servers make accessing your data for you and your employees faster, safer, and easier than other before.